Who We Are

BAK Law is a Southern California-based law firm, with expertise in environmental law, business law, real estate law and litigation. With over 20 years of legal experience, BAK Law is dedicated to providing personalized attention and achieving the best possible outcome for each case. Our compassionate approach and deep understanding of the local legal system allow us to effectively communicate with clients and navigate the unique legal challenges in this region. Contact us for a consultation and let BAK Law fight for you.

Environmental Litigation

The health of our planet is becoming an increasingly more urgent issue, and environmental law has taken on a greater role in protecting the impact of human activity on the natural Earth. Here at BAK Law, we think issues related to the environment are of utmost importance and cover a wide range of matters within, including air quality, water quality, hazardous waste management, and more.


Areas of Practice

BAK Law has extensive experience in the below mentioned Areas of Practice.


BAK Law provides experienced legal counsel and develops effective litigation strategies to protect client’s rights and interests.

Business Law

BAK Law offers customized legal solutions to help businesses navigate the legal complexities of running a business.

Real Estate Law

Our legal counsel is experienced in successfully handling complex real estate transactions.

Environmental Law

We help businesses, government agencies, and individuals navigate complex regulations and develop sustainable practices.

Why you should hire us ?

We have the knowledge and experience to effectively represent your legal interests. BAK Law is committed to fighting for your rights and helping you navigate the legal system with confidence.

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